“If I remember well, it all started 5 years ago. Frontiers Records A&R main-man asked me for suggestions regarding new bands to sign. I had just discovered this new Swedish hard rock act, under suggestion from my UK mate Rob Evans. And I immediately fell in love with their melodies, hooks and unique songwriting. So my mission became very easy and I pointed this band out to the Frontiers Records guys. The name of that band was CRUZH. The rest is – as they say – history. Rock history, of course.”
– Primo Bonali, General Manager of Frontiers Rock Festival

Well guess what, it’s time to put on your gloves, because CRUZH is back for another round. After the release of their debut album the band played some great live shows in England, Wales, Italy and of course their home turf Sweden. CRUZH proved themselves to be an energetic, fun loving live act and reviewers wrote things like:

“Stand out band CRUZH had more than just their music to entertain the crowd as the charm and charisma took over. The band was clearly having a great time as they laughed and joked with each other and the crowd.” (

“Swedish rockers CRUZH take to the stage looking like they mean business, having seen them in the UK last year I knew they were itching for a chance to show what they can do again, and they push hard from the start. This is a band with a lot of talent and I really look forward to seeing where they take their music next.” (

In early 2019 singer Alex Waghorn joined the band as the final important piece needed to start the recordings of the second album. The new material is packed with edge, sing-along choruses and attitude. People who liked the first album will love this, and the band is also certain that the new tracks will attract a much wider audience presenting arena anthems, cool acoustic songs and high octane rockers.
Do yourself a favour and let the boys in CRUZH take you on a journey into 1990. Big hooks to go with the big fur collars, this album rocks hard and will make even the coldest Swedish winter feel like a summer’s day”
– Nick Workman, singer in rock band VEGA

All four band members operate as songwriters in CRUZH and among the influences are Def Leppard, Van Halen, FM, KISS, Bon Jovi, Firehouse and Bryan Adams.

“If you like well-produced, multi-layered 80’s influenced melodic rock at it’s very, very best, look no further than CRUZH from whom big things are expected. Standing out within the often crowded market of melodic rock is not easy, but CRUZH do this and more. We love them. Try them, we think you will do too”.
– Rockfiend Publications Scotland

Alex Waghorn / Lead vocals
Anton Joensson / Guitar, background vocals
Dennis Butabi Borg / Bass, background vocals
Matt Silver / Drums, background vocals


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