Lover Under Cover (SWE)


Lover Under Cover released their first album in november 2012 and was really one of this years highlights in the world of AOR. Melodic voted their album "Set the night on fire" as best debut album in 2012 in the melrock awards.

It is really easy to recognice the sound of Lover Under Cover because of the leadsinger Mikael Erlandsson's charismatic and raspy, husky voice. Absolutely one of the best voice's there is in the world of AOR.

"Set the night on fire" got a lot of stunning reviews from all over the world. The sequel "Into the night" was released in january 2014. This release was followed by even more awesome reviews. The band has upped the stakes and delivered a fantastic follow up in 'Into The Night'. This is evident from the opening notes of 'A Fight' and 'In To The Shadows'. For reference think of the best Treat songs you can and these songs double their greatness! 'Miracle' follows with a Hammond and guitar intro that would make Deep Purple proud and what follows is a full on rocker that I still can't get out of my head nearly two weeks later. With these words, David Prince from "Uberrock UK" starts the review of Lover Under Cover's latest album "Into The Night". If you like your Music as a hard but still melodic fist in your face, you have really came to the right place. The album was voted "album of the year" on the Portugese site "Via Nocturna" and several top 10 lists including sites like "Heavy Paradise" and "Hard Rock Heaven".

How can such an unknown band come up from nowhere with two killer albums like this? The truth is that we are not talking about any rookies here. The members in Lover Under Cover have a lot of experience from other bands such as Last Autumns Dreams, Dogface, Coldspell, Gypsy Rose, Don Patrol, Rage Of Angels and Phenomena just to mention a few.

The albums are mixed and produced by a true master of the game. Martin Kronlund have worked with some of the biggest names in the world of music such as Joe Lynn Turner, Phenomena and Paul Young. He has produced over 100 albums through the years. Most of them in the melodic rock genre.

Because of the two above mentioned stunning releases, Lover Under Cover was invited to play on the 2014 years edition of Väsby Rock festival, which had rapidly become the "talk of the town" among lovers of melodic rock. If you missed the gig at this outstanding festival, you can check out their very own road movie that has been recorded during the festival.

The Band:
Mikael Erlandsson: Vox
Mikael Carlsson: Bass
Martin Kronlund: Guitar
Imre Daun: Drums
Patrik Selén: Keyboard (Live)

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