Shape of the new Sun was formed in a rehearsal studio. The meaning of the band was to meet and "jam". But already at the first "jam" the first song was written. That's how the story begins about "Shape of the New Sun" from Skaraborg Sweden.

Four musicians with different musical backgrounds. Thomas Kihlberg (Guitar / vocals) has released several albums with Orchid and Animan. Tomas Persic (drums and percussion) was a member of the successful "Lambretta" in the early 2000s. Together with Ivan Persic (guitar) and Håkan Holmström (bass) they formed "Shape of the New Sun" in September 2014. The debut album "Dying Embers" was released in May 2017 which contained the singles "Majestic" and "The Pain". In June 2018, "How It All Ends" was released as a first single with Andy La Rocque as a producer. A collaboration that will continue when the recording of a follow-up album to "Dying Embers" begins.


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