Scream and Shout Management and Agency is proud Manager for the
melodic rock act Wildness

The idea of Wildness began to grow in the summer of 2013 when the first songs were written. With main focus on heavy guitars, wide keyboards, big drums, melodies and hooks the shape of something new and exciting began to emerge. At this point, Wildness was more of a studio project and was originally founded by drummer and songwriter Erik Modin while the guitar players Pontus Sköld and Adam Holmström were in to share the lead guitar parts early on. The search for the right lead singer wasn’t easy as pie, but after a few months their destiny crossed with the unbelivable vocal talent Gabriel Lindmark in early 2014. 

More songwriting and demo recording came along, and it didn’t take long until it was clear that Wildnes deserved to be a real band. September 1th 2015, Wildness independently released their self-produced debut single ”Collide” which immediately gained a lot of spins at various digital platforms such as a number of online radio stations focused on AOR and Melodic Rock. Live performances that followed showed that the band was capable of deliverance on stage as well. 

The second single ”Turning The Pages” was released January 14th 2016, and shortly after that Wildness was approached by Georg Seigl by German record label AOR Heaven. The contact resulted in a record deal, and the band could finally begin the launch of their first melodic masterpiece. The choice of producer fell on the creative and productive mastermind Erik Wigelius (Wigelius, Care Of Night) and the pre-production and recordings has since then been in the works during 2016 and 2017. The main part of the album has been recorded at Erik Wigelius studio, besides additional parts recorded by drummer and co-producer Erik Modin. The two previous singles ”Collide” and ”Turning The Pages” has been re-recorded for the full length-album and the whole album is mixed and mastered by Erik Wigelius, who really knows how to take the 80’s-influenced sounds at put them in the 21th century! 

 Despite their short carreer, Wildness has already shared stage with well established acts in the scene like White Widdow and Dynazty. If you love the hooks and productions of the 80’s, riffs with attitude and furious guitar solos, all combined with unforgetable melodies and a fresh and modern touch of the 21th century – Wildness is what you’re looking for! 

Pontus Sköld

Erik Forsberg

Erik Modin

Adam Holmström

Marcus Sjösund

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