What once started as a solo project, soon began to be too much for the songwriter Kristian Fyhr. With some written songs up his sleeve, it was believed to be too great for one man alone. As time passed, a guy named Johan Älvsång came by to buy an organ from Kristian. He sat down to try it, and as his fingers flew across the keys it was hard not to be impressed. And that sparked an idea, which led to Kristian asking if Johan would be interested in recording some songs. And yes, he was.

A late evening, not too long after this event, a fellow called Olof Gadd was out enjoying a beer, when he received a call from Kristian. He was not an alien, since they had met in the past. This spark of an idea that had emerged within Kristian had grown into something slightly bigger. And after this call, they were now a trio. The machine started to take form. Songs were written and recorded, and after a long night of discussions a name appeared: Seventh Crystal.

The songs were done. The recordings were on fire, but something was missing. It needed some magic. A magician with a guitar and another carrying drums. They all knew who these magicians might be. Anton Roos and Emil Dornerus took on the task and recorded the songs. It became clear: this was what they had missed. It now sounded like a band.

It finally became just that in time for when Frontiers asked them to sign a long term, exclusive contract. The pencil was handed from man to man, as they all signed. Seventh Crystal was now a contracted band.

The recordings for the new album through Frontiers had already started years ago, when Kristian wrote the starting songs that the whole band finished together. There was actually no direct conversation about where they were headed musically. It just happened. They were all traveling in the same direction from the beginning.

Not long after the contract was signed, the album DELIRIUM came out for the world to encounter. It was spinning on every continent – even though the band had not had a single gig yet. Through these years, the covid pandemic had followed the band as a shadow. Meetings and recordings had to be made from each member’s home to act in accordance with the restrictions.

The contract would sustain, and Frontiers asked for another album – which was already in progress. As the pandemic slipped into bygone days, another problem arose: they needed another guitarist for their future gigs.

And so it was, Antons old friend Gustav Linde took up the guitar to join the band and started the journey at NSL, recording the “Seventh Crystal Live at NSL”. The songs became a little more guitar based, but still kept the core that Seventh Crystal is famous for: Every band member got their own touch in the songs.

As the time flew by, the album was finished, awaiting to be released into the wild…
And as of the year 2023, Seventh Crystal is welcoming you to Wonderland.

Seventh Crystal is:
Kristian Fyhr – vox
Emil Dornerus – guitar
Gustav Linde – guitar
Olof Gadd – bass
Johan Älvsång – keys
Anton Roos – drums


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